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ISO 9001:2008 construction chemical company

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Adhere Bonds Coats Pvt. Ltd.are the manufacturers of products of global standards in Epoxy flooring solutions catering to the special needs of all Industrial epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring domestic , Epoxy floor paint. Our blemish less track record of over the last 25 years headquartered from Chennai and a satisfied list of reputed clients from all over south India speaks vociferously about us than we do it. Our expert solutions include consultancy services on suitability of Epoxy Industrial flooring, Epoxy floor coating, Epoxy wall coating, domestic epoxy flooring, Epoxy wall paint etc.., we are one of the key members of BAI, IPA, ISSPA and Green Build Concepts adhering to ECO- friendly energy saving products. We are also accredited to ISO 9001- 2008 and registered with udyog Adhaar MSME, NSIC. Products test reports are carried out by CIVIL AID, ICOMAT( A company incubated by IIT Madras)

Who we are

Welcome Our products are of global standards in industrial flooring with an impeccable track record of industrial,Commercial, Domestic operations Epoxy flooring in Chennai and other parts of south India. We provide complete expert solutions on Industrial epoxy flooring, PU flooring, Metallic epoxy floor, 3d flooring to cater to the unique needs at your offices, multiplexes factories, warehouses, hospitals and other industrial installations. Our services are customer specific depending on the requirements and utilities, comes with the product guarantee as we are the manufacturer of complete versatile epoxy systems including Epoxy Adhesive, Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Hardener for build, bond, protect. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Dry mix products, construction chemicals, Versatile Epoxy systems, PVC profiles with 3 independent factories of our own, with well established R&D facilities, located in SIPCOT Industrial estate Erode, SIDCO Industrial estate Chennai, CCBF Road Alamathi in order to cater to a large, multi various segments. Our Dry mix products includes Wall putty, Wall Plaster, Tile Adhesive, Tile Grouts, Waterproofing Admixture, Leak Plugging compound, Injection Grout, GPII Non shrink grout, Pre- Mixed Grout, Floor Hardener, Self leveling compound. Our PVC profiles division includes Tile beading, Tile Trims, PVC Tile beading. As part of our construction chemicals division include Integral waterproofing, Super plasticizer, Block Super Plasticizer, Accelerator, Superior Concrete Water Reducing Agent, High Grade Super Plasticizer,Summer cool coating, Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coating, Cement Primer ( Water Base ).


Seamless epoxy flooring enhances the beauty of interiors of buildings, flooring plays a vital role, it not only reflects the image of the organization but also adds an impression beyond explanation. We provide expert epoxy flooring solutions for industrial, Commercial, Residential buildings. Our Epoxy flooring services are not only aesthetic but also long lasting which is easily maintainable and manageable cost effectively. We also provide not only fresh epoxy flooring services but also offer expert epoxy flooring consultancy to the dilapidated epoxy flooring done by somebody else or some other company. As we are a leading waterproofing contractor, our other range of services includes waterproofing in Chennai & other part of south India. Waterproofing services, Basement waterproofing, Terrace waterproofing, sunken waterproofing, swimming pool waterproofing, crystalline waterproofing, 2k waterproof coating, High flexibility membrane, Epoxy tile grouting, floor tiles, Repair products for existing and new building services

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